Agricultural mechanization now being considered as one of the important input along with seed, fertilizer and irrigation. Introduction, dissemination and adaptation of agricultural machinery, equipments and tools is a promising factor to increase agricultural productivity of the country. Farmers need complete agricultural package with modern farming system to boost up production and to attract young manpower in agriculture sector. Approved Agricultural Mechanization Promotion Policy-2071 has clearly mention the promotion should be done through training, exhibition, mela and through media.

Past Experience

  1. First National Agricultural Mechanization Exhibition, 2070 Chitwan with the slogan “कृषिमा यान्त्रीकरण गरी स्वरोजगार र स्वाबलम्बि बनौँ, उत्पादन र उत्पादकत्व बृद्धि गरी खाद्य सुरक्षामा टेवा पुर्‍याऔँ”
  2. Second National Agricultural Mechanization Exhibition, 2072 Kohalpur,Bakhe with the slogan “कृषिमा यान्त्रीकरण पद्धति अपनाउ, कृषकको उन्नति गरौ”
  3. First International Agritech Expo 2017 Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu
  1. Third National Agricultural Mechanization Exhibition, 2074 Dharan,Sunsari with the slogan “कृषि यन्त्र र प्रविधिको उपयोग व्यबसायीक कृषिको आधार”


Statement of the Problems

The main constrain in disseminating modern agricultural machinery and equipments are;

  1. Farmers are unaware of modern agro technologies.
  2. Lack of knowledge for advance farming system.
  3. Most of the farmers are from rural area who are inaccessible to modern agricultural machineries.
  4. Lack of linkage between farmers and reliable source of agricultural machinery, tools and equipment suppliers.


The main objective of the exhibition is to patch the gap between farmers, suppliers and manufacture working in agricultural machineries, tools and equipments with in the nation and international.

Whereas the specific objectives of the exhibition are;

  1. To aware policy maker and planner in the availability of agricultural mechanization technology in the country and aboard.
  2. To create a platform to observe all the available machineries in one venue.
  3. To transfer knowledge about modern agricultural technologies.
  4. To make farmers familiar about modern farming system with agricultural machinery, tools and equipments.
  5. Interaction program will be organized to learn the short coming in promoting agricultural mechanization.
  6. To create a single platform to link farmers, researcher, student, development organization, NGO, INGO with local agricultural inputs suppliers/Agro vet as well as national and international level entrepreneurs working in this sector.