This event is being organized since 2002 with the aim to promote home based women entrepreneurs by providing platform to showcase their creativity through different products & services. Teej festival was firstly organized in 2002 at Hotel Shangrila. Later the event was organized at Hotel Radisson in the year 2003 – 2006. Then, the event was organized at DECC, UWTCa Building for 11 years from the year 2007 – 2017 with around 150 stalls. With the increase in the number of women entrepreneurs the event was then organized at Bhrikutimandap by including a new concept as “Consumer Expo” which went successful with more than 200 exhibitors and above 100,000 visitors supporting women.

It is a platform where different women groups, brands and industries come together in a mega event to celebrate this extravagant fair. The event has been successful to empower women by bringing women in business and services into a platform and excel up their activity with broader spectrum of Market exposure, partnership and cooperation.

 • More than 200 stalls under one roof. 

• More than 10,000 visitors every day. 

• High on media coverage. 

• Counted as one of the leading Expo in Nepal. 

• Rich historical background (18 years).