We’ve come

A long way

We have been leaders in the event management business for over 15 years now.

Established in 2015, having an experience of over 10 years in the industry, we have been operating successfully in the Corporate and Event Market business. Specializing in all aspects of event management, Our activities includes complete designing, planning, and management of different exhibition, events, trade shows, advertising & branding and so on. We effectively design and manage exhibitions, events & trade fairs in close coordination and expectation of the customer and/or organizer. For this purpose, we deploy a versatile and dedicated team of experts with extensive experience in designing and management of events and exhibition programs. In exploring the concepts of the programs, Development Rise Events and Advertising enables the organizers to reap their benefits multifolds creating amicable environment for future business growth and relations.

Creativity is in our DNA

Our events are tailored to fit
the needs of our clients.

Collaboration is key

We make sure to collaborate with companies best suited for the nature of our events.

We work on great projects

Working on events that break new grounds has been our norm.

We always meet our deadline

We make it our goal to meet any and every deadline put in front of us.

Our Team


From Great Our Clients.