About Us

About us.

When managing any event, we focus on the idea of having fun to the fullest and try our hardest to live upto our customer’s preferences. We manage events including Exhibitions, Trade shows, Corporate Events, Fashion Shows, Social Events, Sport Events, Festivals & Concerts, International Expos, and many more.


Events listed on Event Sansar across tradeshow, conferences, workshops, meetups.


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Clients we have helped grow their event reach and build their community


Company listed on Event Sansar across tradeshow, conferences, workshops, meetups

With these many events managed

We are confident in our abilities to succeed in whatever we do. Since 2007, some major events & exhibitions we have managed are “Nepal International Gem & Jewellery Expo 2015/16/17/22/23, International General Convention of 38 Country of Sorig, SAARC Trade Fair 2008, CAN Infotech 2008, Nepal International Trade Fair, Nepal Pharma Expo, Made in Nepal Expo, 13th General Conventions of Nepali Congress Political party, General Conventions of Nepal Student Union Nepal, Nepal AgriMech Expo, Shrijanshil Uddhami Mela 2009-2023, Teej Festivals, and so forth.

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Inception and Vision

Founded in [insert year], EVENT SANSAR was born out of a passion for creating memorable experiences. The brainchild of visionary event professionals [Founder’s Name], the company set out on a mission to transform ordinary gatherings into extraordinary events. The name ‘EVENT SANSAR’ itself reflects the company’s commitment to creating a universe of events where every detail is meticulously curated to perfection.

Core Values

At the heart of EVENT SANSAR’s success are its core values, which guide every decision and action:

  1. Innovation: Constantly pushing the envelope, EVENT SANSAR thrives on innovative ideas and cutting-edge concepts, ensuring each event is a unique masterpiece.
  2. Excellence: Committed to delivering nothing short of excellence, the team at EVENT SANSAR pays attention to the minutest details, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of perfection.
  3. Collaboration: Recognizing the power of collaboration, EVENT SANSAR values strong partnerships with clients, vendors, and stakeholders, fostering a collective effort to achieve success.
  4. Integrity: Upholding the highest ethical standards, EVENT SANSAR prioritizes transparency, honesty, and integrity in all its dealings.

Service Offered

Corporate Events

EVENT SANSAR specializes in crafting corporate events that align with the brand image and objectives of its clients. From product launches to conferences and seminars, the company ensures that each corporate event leaves a lasting impression on attendees

Brand Activations

Recognizing the importance of brand visibility, EVENT SANSAR specializes in creating impactful brand activations. Through experiential marketing strategies, the company helps clients connect with their target audience in meaningful ways.

Social Celebrations

Be it weddings, milestone birthdays, or anniversaries, EVENT SANSAR turns personal milestones into unforgettable celebrations. The team approaches each social event with a personal touch, tailoring the experience to reflect the unique personality and preferences of the hosts.

Themed Events

One of EVENT SANSAR’s strengths lies in its ability to conceptualize and execute themed events. Whether it’s a vintage carnival, a futuristic gala, or a nature-inspired retreat, the company brings themes to life, creating immersive environments that captivate attendees.

Cultural Extravaganzas

Celebrating diversity and cultural richness, EVENT SANSAR has successfully organized cultural events that bring communities together. From festivals to art exhibitions, the company creates immersive experiences that showcase the beauty of different cultures.

The Event Sansar Experience

Creative Conceptualization

EVENT SANSAR starts the event journey with a deep dive into creative conceptualization. The team collaborates with clients to understand their vision, goals, and preferences, translating them into a comprehensive event concept that serves as the foundation for the entire project.

Detailed Planning

With a concept in place, EVENT SANSAR moves on to meticulous planning. Every aspect, from venue selection and logistics to catering and entertainment, is carefully considered and strategically organized to ensure a seamless and flawless execution.

Innovative Design

The visual appeal of an event is paramount, and EVENT SANSAR excels in creating stunning designs that capture the essence of the theme or brand. From stage setups to decor elements, the company’s design team transforms spaces into immersive environments that leave a lasting impression.

Precision Execution

On the day of the event, the experienced team at EVENT SANSAR takes charge of the execution with precision and dedication. From coordinating vendors to managing timelines, every detail is meticulously handled to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for clients and attendees.

Post-Event Evaluation

The commitment to excellence extends beyond the event day. EVENT SANSAR conducts thorough post-event evaluations to gather feedback, analyze performance, and identify areas for improvement. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that each subsequent event surpasses the previous in terms of quality and impact.

Innovative Design

The visual appeal of an event is paramount, and EVENT SANSAR excels in creating stunning designs that capture the essence of the theme or brand. From stage setups to decor elements, the company’s design team transforms spaces into immersive environments that leave a lasting impression.

Notable Achievements

Notable Achievements

EVENT SANSAR’s journey has been marked by numerous accolades and milestones, showcasing the company’s impact on the event management landscape. Some noteworthy achievements include:

1. Industry Recognition:

EVENT SANSAR has received acclaim from industry peers and organizations, earning awards for innovation, creativity, and excellence in event management.

2. Client Testimonials:

A strong portfolio of satisfied clients serves as a testament to EVENT SANSAR’s ability to exceed expectations. Positive testimonials highlight the company’s commitment to client satisfaction.

3. Diverse Portfolio:

The company’s diverse portfolio includes successful events across various industries, demonstrating its versatility and ability to cater to different client needs.


EVENT SANSAR played a pivotal role in the successful launch of TEEL EXPO, a flagship event. The event featured innovative stage setups, interactive displays, and a carefully curated exhibitors. The result was widespread media coverage, increased brand visibility, and a positive impact of women entrepreneurs.


For a high-profile celebrity wedding, EVENT SANSAR created a fairy-tale experience that captured the essence of the couple's love story. The event combined luxurious decor, celebrity performances, and personalized touches, resulting in an unforgettable celebration that caught widespread admiration.

Wedding Expos

EVENT SANSAR has organized cultural events, festival that celebrated diversity and unity. The event, featuring performances, art installations, and culinary delights from different cultures, attracted a diverse audience and received accolades for promoting cultural understanding.

Cultural Festival Triumph

We have been serving various organizations, institution, government, seminars conferences and AGMs. Our team has address the diverse requirements of our clients with continual engagement from decades of services

National level seminars, conference, elections

As EVENT SANSAR continues to evolve, the future holds exciting possibilities. The company envisions expanding its reach national and regional level events, collaborating with international clients, and staying at the forefront of event technology. The team is dedicated to exploring emerging trends, integrating new technologies, and consistently raising the bar for what is achievable in the world of event management.

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